Decipher the mystery of microenvironment-enhanced cancer invasion via engineered heterogeneous ECM

Tumor metastatic progression is not solely promoted by genetic mutation and protein expression, but also related to locally re-constructed heterogeneous tissue environment.


Accurate 3D reconstruction of cardiovascular system and non invasive diagnosis by fluid mechanics

Quantitative analysis of the location of cardiovascular disease: (1) the stenosis rate at the lesion location(the ratio of the plaque to the radian of the vessel cross-section);


3D Bio-printing

To further investigate the complex biological and medical problems, and in virtual expermental tool is urgently needed to simulate the three-dimensional complex micro environment of arganisms(such as the human body).




  1. 基于改变肿瘤微环境的癌症治疗新方法探索;
  2. 微流体生物芯片的设计与开发;
  3. 基于医学影像重构和数据分析的胎儿健康标准的研究;
  4. 与上述领域相关的力传感机器人的结合与应用 。


Laboratory Introduction

Biomedical physics advanced workshop is a research branch affiliated with the college of physics in Chongqing University. Our lab is dedicated to researching advanced and practical medical technologies via physics, biology, information technology and medical engineering. Research directions are 3D diagnostic cancer biochip, 3D imaging in the field of cardiovascular and other noninvasive diagnosis, 3D bio-printing technology and ultrasonic image mobile applications. Nowadays, cancer is one of the most threatening diseases of human health and life. As researchers, we need to have a sense of social responsibility. We look forward to using our awareness and technology for our final application in the medical field; to do our modest means to a certain extent, to help patients and their families, the disease of alleviating cancer pain caused by them.